Vincent B. Donadio

About Me

I have worked in internet marketing and information technology since 2008 and have been developing websites since 1995. Yes, I have been creating content on the internet since I was 9 years old. My computing fixation began earlier than I can even remember, starting with the Atari 800 Computer that my father had begun teaching me to use when I was a small child. I had already been playing video games before that on the Nintendo Entertainment System and Atari 2600, and the ability to CREATE a video game or really any computer program was tantalizing. That obsession quickly evolved into creative design on the internet when we bought our first computer and signed up for AOL dial-up internet access.

Shortly after being introduced to AOL and having my access to this vast, new, and exciting online world severely inhibited by the dratted "Parental Controls," I set out to find a way around them. My first venture into "hacking"—at nine years of age—started with an email client called Juno and a third-party application that extended its connection to the email server to allow for direct, unfettered internet access via Internet Explorer, Netscape, and much more. It was only a matter of weeks before I found myself using IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and Newsgroups. I spent a large portion of my time communicating with people—probably at least twice my age—about hacking, web development, and warez—all the while pretending to be an adult... Thank goodness for my excellent education and intense desire to use language intelligently and responsibly. I'm pretty sure no one ever caught on... (Okay, some of them definitely caught on.)

Anyway, that's enough about my childhood. Here's a bit about my more recent escapades: namely, the creation of my own marketing consultation business back in 2013. I had left an abusive work environment to try my hand at working for myself. It didn't work too well in the beginning, as I had no idea where I would find clients, how much to charge them for my time, or really how to run a business at all. I severely undervalued my services (and myself as a whole) while struggling to make ends meet and working odd jobs on the side... or, more like working odd jobs as my main gig while trying to make it in the marketing business on the side.

I was having fun, though, which was far more important to me than striking it rich; but, a year and a half later, I was married and had a family to support. That's when I decided to take working for myself to a new level.


City University of New York: Queens College

Bachelor of PsychologyDecember 2012

Near the end of my prolonged, part-time academic experience, I decided to finish up with a degree in Psychology with a focus in Neuroscience. This was partly because I was closest to achieving it, but also because I had long been fascinated with psychology and the complex workings of the brain. I also believed that psychology played a huge role in marketing, and that having studied it, I would have a unique advantage over other marketers studying outdated marketing practices in their coursework.


VINBERDON Productions

Owner | Marketing Consultant January 2013 - Present

I am the sole proprietor of VBD Productions and manage every aspect of the business from finances to lead generation/nurturing and the actual work done for clients, whether it is website development, social media management, or best practice consulting. I have worked with a wide variety of clients in all industries from NFPs and law offices to jewelers and tobacconists.


Long Island Matrimonial Law Firm

Network Administration | Internet Marketing | Lead Generation

I manage the local computer intranet, cloud storage, Office 365 accounts, and websites for the law firm, as well as Social Media accounts. I regularly create, edit, and publish content for all platforms.

Long Island and NYC Cigar Lounge Chain

Internet Marketing

I assist with all internet marketing endeavors for all four locations under their umbrella, including their new Brooklyn lounge. This includes website development as well as email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. I also occasionally help customers within the lounge as a special guest tobacconist, to decide which cigars would best fit their palate.

NYC Remodeling Company

Lead Generation | Internet Marketing

I handle all lead generation and inbound sales efforts, increasing their lead flow by over 500% utilizing carefully targeted social media ads as well as search ads and a new website.

CT Information Technology Consulting Firm

Internet Marketing

I created their new website and maintain their webserver and email server.

Long Island Hypnotherapy Clinic

Internet Marketing

I created their new website and maintain their webserver and email server.

Global Pharmaceutical Marketing Company

Internet Marketing

I am contracted by this pharmaceutical marketing company for consultation on SEO and Analytics work for their clients, typically pharmaceutical manufacturers. I am also called upon for urgent web development matters.


I have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a great asset to people like you... and I use them to grow businesses both online and off; attract new customers; bring back existing customers; and increase sales & revenue while bringing your business to [PRESENT DAY] on the internet.

  • Wordpress
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • JavaScript
  • GatsbyJS (This is new to me and powers this site!)